Signature Boxing Gloves

Twins Special signature boxing gloves feature a wide range of distinctive visual designs and color options to allow you to express your individual style. Made with the exact same high quality specifications as our standard premium Twins boxing gloves with velcro wrists, Twins signature boxing gloves will keep your hands and wrist as safe and comfortable as possible during high intensity workouts, training sessions, and competition. Many of the world's top athletes and their trainers, and many of the most experienced teachers and their students, trust and depend on boxing gloves from the Twins Special brand, because of the superior protective design, long-lasting construction, premium-quality materials, comfortable fit and feel, high-impact shock absorbing padding, and wrist support. 

Whether you are looking for a pair of Twins boxing gloves for use in competition, sparring, training, bag work, pad work, punching mitt practice, or just shadow boxing, adding a visual flair with our signature boxing glove styles can provide a valuable personal reminder of your aspirations, set you apart from the rest of the world, show something of your personality, or show your team spirit.Reveal your hidden mastery with a pair of our Twins dragon boxing gloves. Unleash your fierce nature with Twins tiger boxing gloves. Show your patriotism or your cultural heritage with Twins flag boxing gloves, (USA flag, Brazil flag, Thai flag, Philippine flag, Russia flag, China flag and other flag boxing gloves). Reinforce the toughness of your fighting spirit with Twins camouflage boxing gloves. Ignite your potential with Twins fire-flame boxing gloves. The possibilities with Twins signature boxing gloves are too numerous to mention. There are many, many signature styles of Twins boxing gloves- so please look through the product range to find the pair of Twins signature boxing gloves that is perfect for you! 

Choose from a wide range of colors (not only black boxing gloves, red boxing gloves, white boxing gloves, or blue boxing gloves, but also grey, gold, silver, orange, yellow, brown, dark green, lime green, navy blue, light blue, maroon, purple, lavender, pink, olive, and dark brown boxing gloves) and select the right size pair of Twins boxing gloves for your needs (not just 16 oz boxing gloves, 14 oz boxing gloves, 12 oz boxing gloves, or 10 oz boxing gloves, but also 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, 18 oz and 20 oz boxing gloves options.)